I’ve known Captain since the 1960’s and we’ve always had a great time together telling stories, playing music & just enjoying life! Back then in those early California days there was no Puppy and there was no Bear… Captian did not meet them until he moved to Oregon to spend the rest of his life with that Wonderful Woman “The Duck”!

This website will (hopefully) do many things and the first thing is to tell you a little about Puppy, Bear and the  Cast & Crew! Captain and I started to tell this story quite a few years ago and it seems like a good place to begin.  I wrote the song many years before I met Puppy & Bear. Captain had remembered the song and thought it might be a great way to start this story.

So… listen to the song and then read Chapter #1…


“The Caterpillar Song” by Noel Fray



Puppy & Bear were out tryin’ to figure what the Captain was up to because he promised them he’d tell them a story just as soon as he took care of a couple of chores he had out in the barn.

They waited as patiently as they could but just could not wait any longer. So… off they went. Puppy couldn’t find him in the barn and Bear couldn’t find him under the Thinking Tree. They came across Bunny and asked him if he’d seen the Captain. Bunny said that she had but that she could not remember exactly where or when.

Well, then… there was no telling where the Captain might be so Puppy & Bear decided that the smartest thing to do was to fix something to eat and wait for the Captain to show up.

Puppy fixed his favorite sandwich, Peanut butter, mustard and ketchup on lightly toasted, Columbo extra-sour, sliced french bread and, just because he likes Bear so much, he made Bear his favorite sandwich as well. This was not too much of an extra effort as Bear likes the same thing but Puppy added a pile of thinly sliced Walla Walla onions (because that’s what Bear really likes).

It was such a nice day outside, Puppy & Bear decided to eat their sandwiches out under the Thinking Tree while they were waiting for the Captain.

It was a very nice day… sunny and just a hint of a breeze. All the local critters were quiet at this time of day. Probably enjoying their favorite sandwiches somewhere.

As the two friends were eating their sandwiches and waiting (as best they could) for the Captain to show up… Puppy noticed these two caterpillars snippin’ on a leaf, when, all of a sudden, a butterfly flies over their heads.

The one caterpillar turns to the other and says

“You’ll never get me up in one of those.”

“Bear, did you hear that?” asked Puppy. “Bear?”

Bear was completely caught up in watching the butterfly as it flitted in between the low hanging branches of the Thinking Tree. He was fascinated by the way the colorful little creature seemed to grow bright and then dim as it flew in and out of the sunlight trickling through the branches and leaves.

“Bear? Helloooo?”


“Puppy, I’ve been thinking… didn’t Captain say he was going to read us a story? I wonder if he remembers any butterfly stories.”

“Well, Bear… I’m beginning to wonder if he even remembers he promised to read us a story at all. I’m also beginning to wonder just where the heck he is. We’ve finished our sandwiches and by now he would have already busted us for making such a mess in his kitchen… but we haven’t seen him since this morning. What do you think he’s up to now?”

“Gosh, Puppy… how would I know? We usually don’t know what he’s doing when he’s doing it right in front of us!”

“Bear… I’m getting a little concerned. Let’s go see if any of the rest of the Crew knows anything.”

So… Puppy and Bear got up from the picnic table under the Thinking Tree where they had been enjoying their sandwiches and headed back to the Dome Home (leaving a wonderful meal of crumbs for the critters that lived under the Thinking Tree).

When they got back to the Dome Home they heard Bunny and Mouse talking in Captain’s office. Well… what they really heard was Mouse explaining to Bunny (for the umpteenth time) the difference between cirrus and cumulus clouds.

“No, Bunny.”, Mouse was saying, “Cumulus… cumulus clouds… not cuticle clouds! These are the kind of clouds that… oh… never mind! My point is that there is a low pressure front moving in from the northwest at a pretty good clip and I think we’re in for a storm.”

Bunny had a patient and understanding smile on her cute little Bunny face. A smile that said (to anybody who knew her) “I like you… I know you like me… I think I understand what you are telling me… I just can’t seem to remember what we were talking about.”

“Hey, guys!”, said Puppy as he and Bear entered Captain’s office. “Anybody got a clue as to where the Captain is hiding?”

“Oh, Hi, boys! Mouse was just telling me something really fascinating about the weather. You know… we are so lucky to have a live in Weatherman.”

“A Weather Mouse, Bunny, a weather MOUSE!. Geeze! You’d think with all the good vegetables you eat you be able to at least remember that I’m a mouse!”

“Hey, Puppy! Hey, Bear! Nope… I ain’t seen the Captain. I’ve been going over my weather charts all morning. In fact… I didn’t realize I’d been on his computer that long. Captain should have been in here chasing me out of his office and forcing me to get my updates from the Weather Channel long ago. That ain’t like him. So… you two haven’t seen him either?”

Captain Caddis (a.k.a. Bob Mullong)

[Other chapters coming soon…]